7 ways to eliminate Nicotine in the human body unique worlds

Nicotine is one of the substances contained in cigarettes which can cause damage to the tissue in the lungs, nicotine is also very dangerous if consumed in a long time, because nicotine in the human body can settle and too long will damage the lungs, to the level of kefatalannya can cause cancer.

7 Tips rid of nicotine in the body:
Expand to eat vegetables.
Drink white milk.
White soda consumption.
Eat fruits like kiwi, grapes, stroberri, peac, and POME, all it contains antioxidants to support your success.
Reduce smoking and quit smoking immediately.
if you travel using a vehicle (motors) try to wear a mask.
Eat at least 1 banana fruit / day.

Why bananas distinguish ane?? Because there are distinctive, namely: bananas also have neutralizing properties of nicotine content in the body, because according to research many mengadung banana juice can improve sel2 vitamin2 distinguished in the body that contained nicotine. to good for who already want to quit smoking and want to eliminate nicotine content or sisa2 existing. please eat just one banana a day. The content of vitamins B6 and B12 found in bananas, can neutralize the influence of nicotine in the body. In addition, the enzyme bromelain contained in bananas too, can increase libido in men. So consuming to provide exceptional khsiat on the body.

Sirgunggu Plants form a tall shrub 3 m. Leaves short-stemmed, oval to elongated, thick and stiff. Beringgit leaf edge. White-violet flowers are arranged in panicles. Blackish-green fruit in the form of fruit is egg-shaped stone.

Usually the root is also used to gurah, for good voice ..
How to manage it: the root bark ground and brewed with water, then dropped into the nose in order to treat various diseases associated with mucus, such as asthma, cough, or to obtain a clear sound. The effect of expenditure mucus from the nose and mouth.

Other benefits such as leaves are useful to refresh the women who are post partum. As an external medicine, leaves pounded with fennel pulosari for rheumatism and joint pain or fatigue. Young leaves are crumpled and added a little lime into liniment. Steeping the leaves with salt and ginger can be taken for a bloated stomach and as de-worming. Infusion of leaves of this plant has been studied in vitro are capable of destroying ginjal.Penelitian stone at the National Cancer Institute, Washington state, the water extract of this plant are active as anti-HIV in vitro.

Sirgunggu plant chemical constituents in different parts of her body-BESA. The leaves contain the element potassium, less sodium, alkaloids, and flavonoids flavone. In the skin there are roots phenol glycoside, mannitol, and sitosterol. While the bark contains triterpene compounds, acid ureanulat, kueretaruat acid, and acid seratogenat.

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